Meet Coalition LA - Women’s Premium Vegan Wholesale Outerwear

Based in Los Angeles, California Coalition LA was created in 2010 with the idea of giving individuals the freedom to express themselves through cruelty-free fashion. We are dedicated to bringing in new premium vegan materials, showing that trends can be crafted with care. The strong management of the production cycle at our factories and in-house designers has allowed us to offer private label, custom run, and small batch manufacturing services.

Our co-owner and designer, Sophia Hallett, grew up in Guangzhou, the village in China where our factories are based.  These factories and all of their workers are part of our Coalition family.  Sophia ensures that all work is done locally in order to sustain the businesses in her hometown.  There is never a lack of communication in our manufacturing process; she visits our factories on a quarterly basis and speaks with the workers individually.  We care about how, where, and why our products are made.  We are able to create quality 100% cruelty-free product because of our family-owned factories.

We consider our PETA-approved products to be conscious, cruelty-free, ethical, and innovative. Our founders have always prioritized developing new materials and catering to the compassionate buyer who wants to connect with brand values as much as they want to connect with aesthetic. We have worked towards educating our buyers on what it means to be conscious in their buying process just as our brand continues to educate itself on new materials in the industry. That is why we are excited to have the ability to work with PETA’s suppliers on adding more sustainable fabrics into our assortment in the future.


Our premium quality denim is produced with all natural cotton for enhanced durability with a soft hand feel. We are consistently innovating and redefining this sturdy textile by offering both on-trend and classic styles with updated washes and colors every season.

Our animal-friendly vegan suede material maintains a high-quality appearance and texture just like the real thing. Supple and soft-to-the-touch, this tightly-woven textile does not fray or flatten and is stain-resistant and easy to clean, offering increased performance and durability.

We’ve spent years perfecting a polyurethane material that looks and feels like genuine leather. Over time, our vegan leather will remain intact with no cracking or peeling. Instead, our fabric’s core characteristics stay soft and supple. We use special design techniques such as stitching and gathering that wrinkle the material, making it nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

We use an animal-friendly poly-fill alternative to goose and duck down in our quilted coats and jackets, proving that puffers need not be filled with feathers. Most of our coats are lined with plush faux fur, adding an additional layer of protection against the cold winter weather. With varying warmth-to-weight rations, textures and colors, we have a style for everyone in any climate!

We eliminate the confusion of whether or not wool is vegan and animal-friendly by simply using a texturized polyester alternative, giving it the appearance and feel of the real thing. This synthetic fiber resists abrasions, wrinkles, stretching, shrinking, and fading, keeping its color and shape. It is also lightweight enough to layer with other cold weather pieces without being too bulky.

Boasting a nearly-identical look to real fur, our vegan alternative gives you guilt-free luxury without the animal cruelty. Our fluffy trim is typically used to edge the hoods of our coats and jackets while a denser, plusher material lines the inside of our coats for an extra layer of warmth.

We vow to continuously inspire individuals to consider cruelty-free fashion, dismantling the belief that you have to compromise on style. Our faux furs and suede and leather alternatives are equal in warmth, comfort and style and are mindfully designed to fit the outerwear needs of varying climates.

The word coalition comes from the Latin word coalitiō meaning "to grow together." We are eager and excited to evolve with each passing season and hope you'll share in our goal to grow.

Compassionate. Cruelty-Free. Coalition LA.

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